Tour De France Guides And Souvenirs

If you are looking for souvenirs and guides for Tour de France the same is available on stands which include a program which is 228 pages long.

It comes with souvenir gifts as well. The program has been compiled by Cycling news and Procycling who have put together a collection of news articles and tit bits of interesting information to form the UK official guide to Tour de France 2016. It has been available for pre order from May while now it is available on newsstands as the days of the tour draw near.

The souvenir pack that is provided comes with profiles for every team. There are statistics provided for every rider and maps for the stage, interviews with star riders and expert analysis of the tour. You will get to check out jersey holders and stage winner details for each day of the tour. There are interesting stories culminated about the tour as well as a fold out route map and art cards including classic images of previous Tour campaigns.

For those who are getting introduced to 2016 Tour de France they will find that the start of the tour is at Mont-St-Michel with 103rd Grnd Depart in the backdrop. It would conclude on July 24th in Paris at the standard venue of Champs-Elysees. There would be 21 stages foe the race this year and every day of the race would have expert analysis from the likes of Robbie McEwen, Robert Millar, Daniel Mangeas and others. There would be stage maps as well as profiles for the 21 stages marked accordingly. There would be other details provided as well. Those who follow the tour can look forward to seeing the entire month going by with the race progressing. With every day’s route and analyses the viewers and followers would be by the side of the riders, either physically present or seeing the race on television. Either way, it certainly paves the way for a unique way to spend the summer month.