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  • I think after stage 19 it was still undecided…I was shocked Andy lost 2 minutes too Evans.

  • whether there is a prologue or not, is entirely up to the race organizers. the argument is that, it set’s up for a more ‘exciting’ tour, but thats up for debate. the lack of a prologue usually follows a Team TT, which then sets up the race in a way that climbers have to attack, since (usually) their teams aren’t exactly TT fit. This tour was exactly what the tour organizers had hopped would happen, no one knew who would win until nearly the end, when in stage 19 everybody realized who would.

  • there was no prolougue that year.

  • Why was there no Prolouge?

  • rung out on antihistamines right now…something I could not do if I was a pro

  • Gilbert