Tour could use mounted cameras on bikes

Riders taking part in the Tour de France could have cameras attached to their cycles to enhance the experience of the audience on television as it targets much wider viewing of the grandest even in world cycling to increase revenues from advertising and viewership.

Brian Cookson, the president of the International Cycling Union or the UCI believes there is a lot of room for innovation and that is something the sport must do in order to promote itself to a wider range of audience. He stated that they need to embrace innovation in order to be able to sell their sport, adding that they will be looking at a lot of technology incorporation such as cameras on bikes.

He mentioned that it would be great to have a bird’s eye, the same that Chris Froome had as he came up the Champs-Elysees to take the Tour de France last year.

Cookson, who became the president of the governing body of world cycling after a power struggle last September made the suggestions while at a seminar in Turkey and there have been more or less positive reactions from the world of cycling regarding the latest innovation from the UCI boss.

According to the 62 year British cycling enthusiast, the sport needs to be at the forefront of the cutting edge of technological evolution in order to enhance the experience of the television viewing audience, encouraging the masses to go on downhill mountain bike holidays in France and across Europe.

He mentioned that one of the biggest obstacles for any sport is the need to evolve while staying true to its essence but he thinks that having mounted cameras on bikes at the Tour de France will not be taken the wrong way just like the technology was accepted in Formula One so many years back and thinks slowly, other races will employ the strategy as well.