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  • Thank you for not erasing Lance from History of Cycling … Drive me nuts
    when see all those videos and magazines with him being cut or deleted like
    he never lived and cycled.

    Another great video. Cheers guys 

  • Additional nice tdf climbs: madeleine, croix de fer, glandon.
    Maybe bikeradar could make a video about most difficult climbs ever in
    races: for example angliru, mortirolo, zoncolan

  • Yowser 2 out of the top 5 in one ride! #EDT2014 

  • the Puy de Dome is a really cool climb and great mountain top finish.

  • Andy didnt get the yellow jersey after the Galibier stage in 2011. He got
    it the day after up to Alpe D’ Huez

  • Lance is fake, and as a fake should be erased. 

  • Why did you refer to Armstrong as the “one and only” after the sheer
    destruction him and others have done to the sport we love

  • awesome, spectacular scenery

  • So the Galibier at 2600+meters is up there. But what about the Col de la
    Bonnette? 2800+ meters! The highest tarmacked road in Europe, climbed from
    an altitude of 1200 meters from the West from Jausiers, a climb length of
    23Km and a total climb of one vertical mile. Ridden in 1993 on the way to
    Isolate 2000, when Robert Millar crossed the summit first. Paul Sherwen
    commentated that this climb was the worst he’d ever seen in the Tour. It
    was preceded that year by the Col d’Izoard and Col du Vars in the same

  • +Roger Otto Should we then erease the ’90 & ’00 of cycling?

  • Col du Galibier could be considered one part of a larger climb in fact. If
    approached from the North, you have to climb over the Telegraph first
    before a mere 10 minute descent is followed by a long drag intro to the
    steeper slopes toward the top of Galibier making a long ongoing ride. The
    southern approach requires either a climb of Col du Lauteret from Briancon
    or the West. So it’s a monster.

  • who’s Mr 60? Bjarne Riis is Mr 60%! Putting Hautecam 1st is a little
    controversial – Mt Ventoux for me.

  • I can’t wait for this year’s Tour :)

  • Why the hell there are naked people everywhere?

  • PS here I am explaining to my 10 year old son the beauty and tradition of
    the alpine climbs, as we watch this video, when he says “isn’t that
    Pharmstrong” and “why is he called Mr 60%”? And so begins the shameful
    explanation of LE Dopage as applied to pro cycling. Pity.

  • epic climbs ….

  • Great job, keep up the good work.

  • Anyone spot a certain Mr Boardman, oh Christian Vandevelde…and many
    drug-infueled cyclists. Another thing came to mind. Andy Schleck looked god
    dam TOO ripped…1 can only wonder… Im sure he’s undecided on the correct
    gear to use this he aint shown nothing.

    When you’ve been cycling for years – you can just tell…

  • Good work

  • alp duez has to been number 1!

  • no more naked mens butts!