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As tough the participants did not have a lot to be worried about, the route of the 2017 Tour de France seems to be designed in a more difficult pattern than ever seen, the new route will feature more daunting terrains to provide cyclists with challenging experiences that even their rigorous drills and extensive training has not prepared them for.

Christian Prudhomme, the Tour director has explained the reason for this in a statement. Prudhomme had said to his audience in Paris at the Palais des congres in Paris that in the New Year, the Tour de France as a competition will present a “less controlled and more open race.”

He stated that the main reason here was to “break the catenacio” of recent years. Keeping in mind that catenacio here refers to the football lexicon representing a strong defensive system.

In essence, the manager was saying that the goal was to create shake up in the competition structure and make it even more difficult for the powerful teams like team sky that will participate in the Tour. (more…)

Riders Await Renewal Of Contract

Not everything about the cycling events is sunshine and fun. Many riders who took part in the Vuelta a Espana event have been racing to get a contract for the following year.

Many riders have gone into the contest without surety about their future as their contracts expire by the end of the cycling season this year. The race has moved into the second weekend while another race for the 2017 contracts is also on at the same time. There are two teams who would be finishing their contract for World Tour this year by the end of the season. About 60 riders would probably not see their contracts renewed. Many cyclists from Tinkoff and IAM Cycling have their contracts still in place. Rival team members are busy looking for new sponsors as their current contracts are set to expire.

Many cyclists such as IAM Cycling Larry Warbasse from America state that there is pressure on their backs. If their performance does not go well they would not get a sponsor. The transfer season was busy at the time when Tour de France is scheduled in the month of July. (more…)

Tour De France Guides And Souvenirs

If you are looking for souvenirs and guides for Tour de France the same is available on stands which include a program which is 228 pages long.

It comes with souvenir gifts as well. The program has been compiled by Cycling news and Procycling who have put together a collection of news articles and tit bits of interesting information to form the UK official guide to Tour de France 2016. It has been available for pre order from May while now it is available on newsstands as the days of the tour draw near.

The souvenir pack that is provided comes with profiles for every team. There are statistics provided for every rider and maps for the stage, interviews with star riders and expert analysis of the tour. You will get to check out jersey holders and stage winner details for each day of the tour. There are interesting stories culminated about the tour as well as a fold out route map and art cards including classic images of previous Tour campaigns. (more…)

Canadians top Rally Cycling’s GC expectations

Rally Cycling come back to the 5 stage Redlands Bicycle Classic in California on 6th April, to hold their overall award in men’s race.

In 2015, Phil Gaimon won Redlands and he now rides for Team Cannondale Pro Cycling. The squad, this year, enters Redlands with 3 team leaders: Americans Evan Huffman and Danny Pate, and twenty-two year old Victoria native Adam de Vos.
Jonas Carney, the Rally performance manager told that they are happy to come back to Redlands and attempt to repeat their win from last year. They are bringing a very strong team with an eye on the general classification. Their people guys are coming off a tough block of European racing in March and must be all set to fight the best teams in North America.
In 2015 edition Lay finished eleventh and later in the season went on to win the mountain queen classification at Amgen Tour of California. Canadian cyclists Catherine Ouellette, Sara Poidevin and Katherine Maine would support the teams GC ambitions while also looking for stage win scopes.

Sampling The Route Of Tour De France

For the Tour de France stages, Portsmouth has set plans for bidding. In 1994 the city did host a part of the Tour de France and aims to be back in 2018.

Donna Jones, the leader of the conservatives stated that the entire process of bidding for the stages is going to be tough and exorbitant but at the same time securing a haven would be wise. Caen, the French city would jointly bid according to Jones. A pristine and surmising location set amidst green valley is what makes the riders compete in the prestigious event.

The journey which they are embarking on is bound to be tough since it involves calculative risk. Significant people are required on board. Last year it was London and other counties of England where Tour de France stages took place. A sample tour of the stage of Tour de France will be on board offered by the operators of tour of the two American. The Alpine region will be showcased and travelled to. The event for amateur cyclists allows them to tackle the stages of Tour De France and as far as the official riders are concerned they will take a sneak rest. (more…)

Froome’s Greatest Rival Is Quintana for Tour de France

Chris Froome is getting all the backing that he could get from Greg LeMond, winner of Tour de France three times. Chris Froome believes that Nairo Quintana is his greatest rival.

Greg LeMond has full confidence that he is the person to look out for. However, the biggest challenge will be to beat Quintana. The route in which the 11 stages of mountain climbing is involved he considers Quintana to be his rival.

Froome is in full force to make all amends to prove his mettle once again after crashing out in the last year. Even Quintana believes that Froome is going to perform better than last year. In fact Contador is going to come out in full force in the Tour de France.

Quintana is the greatest fighter that Froome has seen and he also feels that talent will make him go to places. It all depends on who wins the event and according to Froome if Quintana wins the event it will be a shake up for him. In fact Fabio Aru is another to watch out for. Nibali is also going to be there competing amongst all. (more…)

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