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Tour De France Guides And Souvenirs

If you are looking for souvenirs and guides for Tour de France the same is available on stands which include a program which is 228 pages long.

It comes with souvenir gifts as well. The program has been compiled by Cycling news and Procycling who have put together a collection of news articles and tit bits of interesting information to form the UK official guide to Tour de France 2016. It has been available for pre order from May while now it is available on newsstands as the days of the tour draw near.

The souvenir pack that is provided comes with profiles for every team. There are statistics provided for every rider and maps for the stage, interviews with star riders and expert analysis of the tour. You will get to check out jersey holders and stage winner details for each day of the tour. There are interesting stories culminated about the tour as well as a fold out route map and art cards including classic images of previous Tour campaigns. (more…)

Cycling Rally At Mangaluru Throughout

Children have fond memories of riding cycle at Mangaluru and bicycle as well as tricycle is being cycled by them. It creates a wonderful environment around Mangaluru and at the same time allows fitness to percolate through the riders. It gives a sense of triumph to the riders when they win while doing a competition with the other riders.

They feel as if they are liberated at a tender age. School age children continue to ride in the bicycles. Some children take up cycling as a hobby whereas others take it up as a career and become great and eminent riders. The euphoria which they are surrounded with gets relinquished as they get quite busy with their gruelling schedule. Limits of the city traffic are also known by the cyclists. (more…)

Thomas gearing up for a successful World Championship

Geraint Thomas, the young Welsh rider who got badly injured in 2013 Tour de France confirmed that he is prepping high for a successful venture with Team Sky at the upcoming World Championships. Thomas unfortunately fractured his pelvic bone in the first stage of Tour France but the brave 27-year-old did not give up till the final lap of the race.

In fact, it was Thomas’ enormous perseverance and strong will that helped Froome to win on the hundredth season of the world’s most elite cycling championship. Geraint’s pelvis healed in spite of being towed over Alpine tracks where Chris was dominant & the Welsh rider was prescribed for complete rest for a couple of weeks, following the France Tour.

Presently, Thomas is all back in thorough training & is focusing on success with his team in trade-team time-trial event at World Road Cycling Championships. The World Championships is scheduled to hit off in Florence from September 22. He also hopes to support Chris’ bid for rainbow jersey 8 days later.

The Olympic gold medalist anticipates a very challenging competition in the World Championships in the coming month. “There are a huge bunch of amazing bikers who are able to perform well on the circuit”, stated Thomas. “When Cavendish won, you can narrow down to 3 or 4 sprinters that would be able to win. This season there would be more number of riders & higher attacks. There is super strong Italy, the Colombians, the Spanish & Australia. Then there would be people like Chavanel (France’s Sylvain) & people out of Vuelta are going well”.

However, Thomas is hopeful that the hilly Florence track would be compatible with Froome’s riding. “It’s a long race over the hills and hence would definitely suit Froome. It’s our job to take him to the winning point”, Thomas stressed.

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