Sampling The Route Of Tour De France

For the Tour de France stages, Portsmouth has set plans for bidding. In 1994 the city did host a part of the Tour de France and aims to be back in 2018.

Donna Jones, the leader of the conservatives stated that the entire process of bidding for the stages is going to be tough and exorbitant but at the same time securing a haven would be wise. Caen, the French city would jointly bid according to Jones. A pristine and surmising location set amidst green valley is what makes the riders compete in the prestigious event.

The journey which they are embarking on is bound to be tough since it involves calculative risk. Significant people are required on board. Last year it was London and other counties of England where Tour de France stages took place. A sample tour of the stage of Tour de France will be on board offered by the operators of tour of the two American. The Alpine region will be showcased and travelled to. The event for amateur cyclists allows them to tackle the stages of Tour De France and as far as the official riders are concerned they will take a sneak rest.

Many riders participate in the event. This year as well the participation will be no less which begins on the 19th of July starting from St Jeanne de Maurienne and finishing at La Toussuire.

The entire route is of 88 miles stretching and crossing boundaries, mountains and advancing to an altitude of 15,000 feet. There are packages offered on lodgings and the operators of tour are arranging the packages. From the five day to seven day travel there will be luxury riding as well which allows bikes to be taken on rent. Other packages are also providing for night lodging.