Riders Await Renewal Of Contract

Not everything about the cycling events is sunshine and fun. Many riders who took part in the Vuelta a Espana event have been racing to get a contract for the following year.

Many riders have gone into the contest without surety about their future as their contracts expire by the end of the cycling season this year. The race has moved into the second weekend while another race for the 2017 contracts is also on at the same time. There are two teams who would be finishing their contract for World Tour this year by the end of the season. About 60 riders would probably not see their contracts renewed. Many cyclists from Tinkoff and IAM Cycling have their contracts still in place. Rival team members are busy looking for new sponsors as their current contracts are set to expire.

Many cyclists such as IAM Cycling Larry Warbasse from America state that there is pressure on their backs. If their performance does not go well they would not get a sponsor. The transfer season was busy at the time when Tour de France is scheduled in the month of July.

Teams at such a time have space to fill up and riders often look around to get their fixed positions for the next year. As per UCI rules, contracts usually get made from 1st of August officially. Most teams have formed their deals already. Others are rolling out press releases to announce any new riders who have come on their team or would from 2017. There are about 17 to 18 teams in the World Tour category which are expected to compete in the forthcoming year. Most teams have about ten or three spots to fill on an average. As many riders point out, those who already have an agreement in place are not stressed, but those who do not often come under stress.