Lifting Cycling restriction plans in Bournemouth might be stupidity, or not

Residents of Bournemouth have offered mixed reactions at a plan aimed at lifting bicycling restrictions there. Few are of the idea that the trial plan to ride the bicycles through the Bournemouth Square, which is quite pedestrained along with Pier Approach will work much better if the paths have cycle lanes painted on them. While the others have put across a vibe that is might be a stupid idea to do so, since this will cut down on the safety quotient of the pedestrians.

Recent government figures depict that outside London, Bournemouth is one location which has the 3rd highest casualty rates of cyclists. Richard Pinnegar, who is the transport project manager for Bournemouth Borough Council’s commented that they want to make Bournemouth a bike friendly town and have undertaken such schemes which have been trialled in other locations with success. Jason Falconer, the cycling coach for Bournemouth commented that he thinks that the trail plan is a good one and strongly believes in shared spaces.  Robert Aldous, a Bournemouth resident commented that he thinks it is a great plan only if lines can be painted on the pedestrian paths.

Along with these positive comments came an equal share of negative comments as well. Resident Libby Griggs complained that her dog was once hit while her toddler narrowly missed an accident because of the negligence of a cyclist who had complete disregard for pedestrians. Malcolm Bott also protested saying there lays no safety add-ons for cyclists riding in the area along with lowered safely for the pedestrians. Another pedestrian, a certain Anthony Dyche blatantly called the idea stupid, to let bicyclists ride in such busy streets like the pier, especially during the summers.

In the year 2012 the town had almost 803 cycling mishaps per million.