Cycling Rally At Mangaluru Throughout

Children have fond memories of riding cycle at Mangaluru and bicycle as well as tricycle is being cycled by them. It creates a wonderful environment around Mangaluru and at the same time allows fitness to percolate through the riders. It gives a sense of triumph to the riders when they win while doing a competition with the other riders.

They feel as if they are liberated at a tender age. School age children continue to ride in the bicycles. Some children take up cycling as a hobby whereas others take it up as a career and become great and eminent riders. The euphoria which they are surrounded with gets relinquished as they get quite busy with their gruelling schedule. Limits of the city traffic are also known by the cyclists.

They are given professional training as well. To travel locally as well seeing it as a means of transport the cyclist learn a lot from the various trainers at Mangalore. It is often hailed as a transport of the poor man. It also builds up their reflexes and boosts the confidence of the riders. Along with walking talking is also trained side by side with cycling in Denmark.

A charitable trust came up with the rally held annually at Mangaluru which created opportunity for the young. 234 people participated in the rally. On December 7 2014 the annual rally is going to take place. It is hailed as making the cycling a creative tool and an energizing potion for leading the way in a more healthy way. The concept behind promotion of the cycling is to bring mass participation. All those who are of 10 years and up have the right to take part in the rally and there is no fee for participation which creates opportunity for all to take part.