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  • *CHRIS FROOME on the 2014 Tour de France route and riding with BRADLEY

  • Chris Froome on the 2014 Tour de France route and riding with Bradley

  • ugly? i don’t understand why people call it ugly I think he has the best
    technique and it looks so smooth

  • Chris froome is such a passionate bike rider, he really does put everything
    into it, and as for wiggins, he can do anything if he really puts his mind
    to it. At least wiggo has a personality, froome is nice but boring. If
    these too can work together without fighting then they might win again.
    Although I want Nibali to win 😀

  • damn this guy is so Pro he doesn’t have personality.

  • Right.

  • *Video: Froome welcomes balanced Tour de France route | Says he and Wiggins
    can race together*
    Chris Froome on the 2014 Tour de France route and riding with Bradley

    Defending Tour de France champion Chris Froome (Team Sky) welcomed the
    unveiled route of the 2014 race at the Palais des Congres, telling
    Cyclingnews that he liked the parcours Christrian Prudhomme and ASO had
    pieced together.
    Initial stand-out features from next year’s race include a grand depart in
    Yorkshire, England and a return to the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix on stage 5
    from Ypres and Arenberg Porte du Hainaut. Several sectors of pave have been
    included from the one-day Monument and when the Tour hit the cobbles in
    2010 they helped to produce one of the most memorable days of racing in
    recent Tour de France history.
    Froome admitted that cobbles would take him out of his natural element but
    stressed that the likes of Nairo Quintana and Alberto Contador would find
    themselves in a similar scenario. Contador was present during the Tour’s
    last venture onto the pave producing a crucial ride in his defence of his
    then Tour title.
    But Froome called the 2014 route balanced; adding that a Tour route should
    indeed test any aspiring champion’s skill over a number of terrains and
    “I still feel like there’s more I can work on,” he told Cyclingnews.
    “I’m always looking to improve and I hope that the experiences from this
    year are something I can take into next year.”
    Froome was finally asked whether the possible inclusion of Bradley Wiggins
    in Sky’s Tour line up could act as a hindrance rather than a help. Ever
    quick to deflect the mere possibility of friction within the team, Froome
    reiterated that the pair would act professional if the 2012 race winner was
    chosen to ride.

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  • i’d beat him

  • Tip: mix your audio to mono. It’s just the right at the moment.

  • Wiggins won’t be a distraction as he will be off the back having a strop
    like he did at the worlds rather than support his team mate…

  • *Chris Froome on the 2014 Tour de France route and riding with Bradley

  • Froome has one of the ugliest riding styles no doubt and whilst on
    relatively smooth roads this isn’t an issue I’m guessing on cobbles he
    could be unstuck..but am I delighted cobbles are part of tdf. You bet:-)