Alberto Contador Statement about the Vuelta

There is a possibility that you can’t see alberto contador in the Vuelta. The main reason is because he doesn’t manage it in his schedule. With this statement, it means that this skillful cyclist will not defend his previous victory. For your information, Contador won The Vuelta in 2012. Contador stated this statement in the last race of Tour De France. Although he doesn’t follow The Vuelta which will be held on August 24th 2013 but it doesn’t mean that this is his relaxing time.

In this case, alberto contador is trying to focus on several one day races such as GP de Plouay, the Canadian World Tour events, Milano-Torino, and the Giro di Lombardia. Actually, his main focus is in the next World Championships which will be held in Florence. Moreover, he is a little bit disappointed with his previous performance. In fact, alberto contador got the best number in almost pre-tour tests. Sadly, it was not the same in the real race. He said that sometimes the condition will be different. Contador amazed with his own pre tour tests in the term of times, power and numbers. The problem appeared when he was in Corsica in which it seems that the condition was bad even in the first day. As the result, the final result was bad if it was compared to the pre test result.

Furthermore, alberto contador shares a little bit about his plan in 2014 in which he will be focused on the tour to get the overall victories. The good performance from Chris Froome doesn’t disturb his focus to won the overall races. His optimism can be seen on his statement about the present of new team. He said that he has a great and solid team and it makes his confident to go ahead without anything to worry about including new teams and good performance from his opponents.