After Tour De France Nibali Comes Back

Coppa Bernocchi is the place where Vincenzo Nibali is preparing for the world championship. It is for the first time that Vincenzo Nibali is going to come to Coppa Bernocchi after his triumph in the Tour de France in July.

He is planning to focus on the World Championship. He wants to perform well for his team and take it forward. It was in the event of charity that he stated it. He has to goals to conquer the Tour and then the World. He surpassed other riders in Tour de France. He did take part in the criteriums as well but were not part of the races which were official. There are other riders also who can win the race. Going by the practicality it is believed that it is going to be impossible for Nibali to come with the same force since he is coming after a break and with much added responsibility.

His trainer of Astana however pointed out that he has not gained much weight it is mere kilo which he has gained. He should be well fit and suited to the event coming up at Ponferrada. When it comes to the race of one day Nibali always proves to be a tough challenge for his rival riders and this time too it is going to be the same according to his trainer. He is someone who causes tensions for others. Otherwise if he just has those one of the bad days he is still useful for the team. After the World Championship, Nibali has not yet disclosed his plans. He could go to the base if his sponsor in Kazakhastan for racing in the Tour Almaty. There is no doubt regarding his credibility but to keep up to the pressure is going to be the challenge.