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  • haha you think he was the only one

  • im not suprised if amstrong taking drugs about his 18. and that makes it unfair i think he was not the best of his period

  • ullrich was dope but amstrong is a criminal

  • Cos Lance is an American and he’s been made a scapegoat for the whole EPO era…..does anyone seriously think Indurain was clean?? or anyone who was top 5 in Lance’s 7 victories…and why not strip Ullrich of all his placings?? it’s a fkn joke.

  • all of them drugs without drugs riders are very slow boring to watch ..give them what they like its more fun

  • True. Testosterone and steroids are mostly used for recovery. 

  • 5:48 1 clean rider (moncoutie) to every 10 druggies

  • Yes and no….anabolics aren’t really much use to a cyclist except to aid recovery…the main thing was blood doping…..EPO, transfusions….more red blood cells = more oxygen, more oxygen = faster for longer.!!

  • I like how the commentators are desperately trying to explain how such a domination is possible lol.

  • The tester really seemed unbiased lol

  • 3:10 “scientists are well aware of the tricks in the high-tech world of professional cycling”
    11 years later we can say that this wasn’t the case or (worse) the UCI knew what was going on and let the doping take place and then go backwards and now there is no winner of the most legendary race during 7 years… If we assume that even before the Armstrong era, most of the winners if not all of them were doped, why not stripping every TDF winner’s title?! UCI’s decisions don’t make sense at all!!


  • why aren’t those motherfuckers dead tired after the stage? —-> steroids

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