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  • pharmtini was butthurt that pharmstrong was better every single year lol

  • thanks Chickasmith for your work!

  • Intanto e’ uscito che pantani era DOPATO,muto.

  • Cosa c’entra il commento su “voi italiani dovete fregare” generalizzando e
    banalizzando un discorso sul ciclismo e il doping che da quanto risulta è
    globalizzato quindi è un problema di tutti i paesi, la tua ignoranza sugli
    stereotipi italiani non ha bisogno neanche di una risposta dimostrata la
    tua poca cultura e ripeto ignoranza,

  • Chickasmith thank you for the wonderful uploads! Keep up God’s work!

  • I agree and maybe in description would be better with more info about it 😉

  • ask lance he lost a testicle to gods mysterious ways!

  • …but that race was on EPO…they were juiced to the eyeballs in those
    days….look at average speed of TDF’s from 1990 till around 2006…average
    speed went up and up to 42 kms per hour…and then, lo and behold, the
    average speed started to come down again….EOP? Oh, yeah. 🙂

  • i think you could do without the EPO in the title… i mean, in a football
    video it doesnt say “Zinedine Zidane goal RED CARD” because he was sent off
    once… or “Dennis Rodman defender of the year SUSPENDED” because he
    head-butted a referee once…

  • Thanks for your comment – hope you have enjoyed these uploads. More to come
    when I am back from Nepal in the New Year 🙂 In the meantime enjoy the 200+
    hours here on this channel.

  • I have watched a LOT already since i discovered your channel. How much more
    old material do you have exactly? I like like the last 20 years of cycling
    more than what we see nowadays aha. Old days are so exciting to watch!

  • who cares if they where doped, they still doped today but i dont care,
    cause its still a great performance, i got much respect for any one who is
    riding there. open your eyes in 90% of professional sport doping is used,
    but that dosent mean, they dont do a great performance.

  • The clip with Bartali & Coppi is priceless! 🙂 So is watching Der Kaiser
    making his move. Sadly, wasn’t enough.

  • nicely said i just dont think the common person understands that very well
    at all, what these athletes go through and what it feels like to ride up a
    mountain after 15 days on your bike at race pace coffee just aint enough at
    their office. People just look at dope as something that’s inseparable from
    crime and self destruction but for “sports” its different. To end the
    discussion once and for all I think the culture needs to make up their
    minds on what acceptable and what cycling really is.

  • Why ‘EPO’ tag for this particular stage? Oh, wait, Virenque ‘won’ the stage.

  • I wouldn’t do it mate….unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last
    13 years anyone who would watch your videos wouldn’t need reminding of the
    EPO era in cycling…….personally I enjoyed it more when they were
    juiced, some of them attacks on 10% gradients were phenomenal viewing.

  • Maybe she was in the cave, tagging EPO on Festina’s stage wins but not
    tagging Armstrong…? lmao..

  • Morzine is a lovely place. Where is Morzine EPO?

  • 30:20 Pantani is a shit starter? Fuck you Lance

  • pharmstrong was butthurt because pantani beat the crap out of him the day
    prior lol

  • Thanks for your comment, glad you have enjoyed watching this footage and
    hope that you will continue to enjoy these uploads 🙂

  • they are doped trust me if you watch the tour this year which is on now its
    obvious these guys are on drugs… too many attacks too much time out of
    the saddle and they fly up the climbs, plus is more exciting than cycling
    today. It all adds up.

  • Drugs or not, great entertainment!

  • yes, I think I will need to add Dopage or Reasoned EPO or something like
    that …