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  • The 1990s and 2000s were an extremely exciting time in cycling, public
    interest was at its peak. Unfortunate that USADA and WADA had to crucify
    Lance. Extreme prejudice and witch hunting. Good work by Tygart and
    Novitzky for deflecting the doping cloud on pro cycling, and off of MLB,
    NFL,and FIFA. Hope they got some good dollars for their prejudice against
    our sport, cycling. How convenient that he did not strip TdF results off
    the major Euro EPO dopers. Be proud Tygart and Novitzky. You fixed it.

  • Were Abraham Olano, Bobby Julich, and Viranque stripped by Tygart, LOL.

  • l a er et stort svin

  • Lance feels like such a cheat at 23:18

  • Dam thats some 30 dollar swagger helmets in le tour. 

  • Phil Liggot on Zulle: “This man doesnt need EPO to go quick”. Doping is
    just a big joke to him. We should not have to listen to this Lance lover
    and deceitful liar commentate for us year in year our.

  • Yes Lance, it IS “unbelievable’

  • 12:25 “He took EPO, said publicly he would never do it again.” LOL, nice
    line there. I’m still waiting for a guy to say: “I took EPO, I served my
    sentence, I’m not sorry and I will do it again.”

  • Whoa it’s Dana White at 24:17

  • Unfortunately so true, your comment. So ironic and so sad how history
    repeats itself.

  • LOL, Liggett almost shits himself when Dopestrong crosses the line, he
    thought it was 200 meters later!

  • Great stuff! This is the one I have been looking forward to. The Tour de
    Lance soap opera begins…:-)

  • This is the beginning of Lance Armstrong era I think.

  • They sure did clean up. Wait, wasn’t that Zülle, wasn’t that Virenque…? I
    believe they got 8 months and a relatively small fine. Not exactly cleaning
    house. It is fascinating watching this in hindsight and it takes some balls
    to continue high level doping after what happened in 98…

  • That depends on the time of the interviews. You can see he was giving it
    his all with the close up slow mo video of his finish.

  • What Lance did here was NOT NORMAL 🙂 I missed the whole Armstrong era and
    it is very, very interesting now to have Tylor Hamilton’s book in one hand
    and all these videos here on Youtube and see the whole picture. If I saw it
    live back in ’99, it would have been like walking through a museum with a
    guidebook full of lies. You see things, but you don’t know what you’re
    really looking at. And 14 years later you’re given a real guide and you go
    “A-haaaaa!” Would love 2c stage 4 of Dauphine 2000.

  • Saweeeeettt!!!! Looking forward to the next couple weeks

  • Lance is not out of breath like the others

  • Well, maybe he was himself 🙂

  • Armstrong won. That’s so dope.

  • “Race organisers to their credit have done everything in their power to
    restore the Tour’s credibility”

  • Lance ‘Now where did i leave that doctor’s note for the cortisone cream?’
    Much laughter ensues.

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