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  • haha sorry my mistake!


  • The “bruces”? Hee hee 🙂

  • 1:18 a pack of photographers ready to document the bruces, scratches and cuts

  • Worst idea since the Tower of Babel to place the bottles there.

    I like the commentator. Very british, he immediately has the rule in petto – DA must cross the finish line with bike on his own to keep the Green Jersey, which he finally did.

  • What a bomb ;-)

  • This video is proof that Coca-Cola is bad for your health!

  • lol he died

  • Hahahhahahahahahahahah, fucking sweet!


  • Dimitri Konyshev who won the race was from Russia!! Abdoujaparov was wheeled across at the end, so technically you are right

  • I think you’ll find icbm7 that Dimitri Konyshev who actually won the as

  • first soviet rider … and last soviet rider.  no more ussr

  • it is truly amazing that these guys even get up after such gnarly crashes. was like last year when Johnny Hoogerland got hit and came to a halt thanks to a barb wire fence. that guy finished the stage (many miles still) and the tour. pretty hardcore, imo. ps – notice how many of these guys are not wearing helmets?! maybe it was all the coke and dope during those years…

  • coca cola ftw

  • Use the real time cadence in RPM along with the typical circumference of a racing wheel/tire and a 53×11 gear ratio and you should be able to pin down the crash speed pretty accurately.

    Assuming 120rpm and 2100mm I came up with about 72 kph/45 mph. I saw this when it was televised and it looked every bit that fast when it happened. This also works out to typical sprint speeds over the years for an elite level pro race.

  • I’m American, so 30-40 mph is about 48-64 km/h. But thank you for the input. That’s just terrifying to think about.

  • 30 km/h?! Look at signals and secs of the movie: they cross 300 m to go at 44sec from start of the movie. They cross the finish line at 1:02: it makes 18 seconds to run 300 m. This means an average speed on last 300 metres around 60 km/h. Top speed (at the crash) was probably higher.

  • AT  1:17 greenpeace helper jumped

  • Whoa that cement tastes might nice with some blood, hair, bike lube, tires, other bodies………..mmm……….yummmy…………

  • have you seen Cancellaras legs? and do you know who Magnus Backstedt is? or Thor Hushovd? Miguel Indurain?

  • ouch..skint knees for sure.

  • This is how the cyclist who died recently crashed. He caught his handlebar and hit the pavement face first. The guy who crashed here is very lucky it looks like he was ok.

  • I would, but for some reason my like button disappeared. Where did you put it now, YouTube?

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