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  • This is the only time I’ve seen the tranquil Indurain celebrate.

  • dhtcf i have a set of scott drop bars on my 1990 concord.

  • Great stuff!

  • LeMond was the greatest. Would even Merckx or Coppi have beaten him at his
    best? Anyone know what happened to the bars he used in road stages in 1990?

  • RE: Handlebars I have a couple sets of Scott Drop-In bars. I got one set
    new but storage-worn from a bike shop on eBay for $15.00. Nice deep drops,
    the extensions are comfortable, BUT they flex a lot. The LeMond years were
    when I first got into cycling. Great moments to get started out with!

  • Chiappucci attacca in maglia gialla sul Col d’Aspin, si fa in solitudine il
    Tourmalet viene raggiunto a Luz San Saveur ma prima di essere staccato
    sulla salita per Luz Ardidenne SCANDISCE IL RITMO AL GRUPPO DEI MIGLIORI !
    CHIAPPUCCI non ha prezzo…

  • Ditto for posting this footage, go Lemond, the last clean Tour winner, with
    the probable exception of Indurain.