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  • It turns out the helmet didn’t really help him.
    In an interview I watched of Greg, he admitted the helmet hadn’t been well enough tested. When testing that shape after the Tour in a wind tunnel, they discovered it was acting like a parachute every time he put his head down.
    The bars, and Fignon’s saddle sores were the important factors.

  • Who thinks it would have been closer without lemonds helmet? Drag is everything. I guess now we know why TT bikes have all the extra stuff.

  • 8 Secs. That’s the closest “winning”margin in TDF history.

  • Really nice video.. For myself a lot of very good memories..

  • Class!!!!

  • i dont remember how many times ive watched this

  • Who the hell would dislike this video?

  • the last time the Tour was won on friction shifting.

  • It was a short time trial, and one of the easiest, most downhill ever. List about 250 ft over 11 miles with a tailwind that day

  • God. It still gives me goose bumps.

    Awesome day in cycling. Amazing race.

  • Nice!

  • I dont care about Armstrong he has nothing to do with this video. Yeah so is Indurain but people have there suspicions about him. I’m not arguing that LeMond wasn’t a great cyclist because he was, and his physical attributes are impressive, I’m just saying, knowing all we know about the 90’s and 00’s with wide spread doping and improved technology/nutrition/training, that for this to still be the fastest ITT in my view makes him suspicious.

  • well put it this way, so desperate was Armstrong to nail Lemond, he was willing to pay someone to confess he”d seen Greg dope. Lemond was known as a clean rider. Dirt? show me, or shut up..

  • Yeah a ITT at the END of a 3 week tour, on 80’s technology riding against Fignon who confessed to doping during his career and setting the highest ever ITT average speed which is still standing to this day, with no one from 90’s 00’s ‘doping era’ unable to beat it even though they had with better technology and doped up to their eyeballs ….. Hmmm not very suspicious then from the only clean* American cyclist to win the tour right?

  • I was 9 years old and this day pretty much sealed a lifelong obsession with cycling!

  • The best Tour De France ever! Thanks Greg!!! You are always my hero!!!

  • Since Pharmstrong finally confessed, I guess that takes care of that theory.

  • Yeah, i notice back in the 80’s they used to use a smaller front wheel than the back wheel. I wonder why they stopped using that configuration ?

  • best tour ever ,not like junkie armstrong

  • Lemond Fignon the best of the best duel

  • Uh duu!

  • It was a very short time trial. Only about 24K. That’s why few people that day thought Lemond had much of a chance to make up a 50 second deficit to win the tour.

  • why does this make you suspicious? it’s a time trial on a flatcourse

  • Over 2 decades later, I can still feel the suspense. Wooot!!!