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  • Best generation of cyclists, I remember it was summer vacations, I didn’t miss one single stage

  • they say roche was on drugs are they joking after that

  • what wiggy wiiggy needs to look again

  • yes

  • @19.10 Pure cycling theatre.
    Still makes the hairs on my neck stand up.
    I remember watching it live as a 15 yr old kid. Liggetts finest hour.

  • The best fucking TDF music ever…bar none 🙂

  • Made my day ;-)

  • R.I.P Laurent Fignon, Stephen Roche, Delgado, Herrera, JF Bernad, Millar, Kelly, they don’t make them like that anymore

  • This was my all time most favourite moment in cycle racing history, but it got knocked down to 2nd on the 21st of July this year.

  • audio gets better at 7:00

  • Yes, was going to post it within this but thought people can see it elsewhere. Attack before the second climb of the day Col de la Madeleine.

  • Check out socialrider909 posted video of this stage that shows Roche’s attack from the descent of the Galibier to the foot of La Plagne, which was the tactical genius of Roche at his best.

  • One of the all time great stages!

  • a classic stage!!!

  • Lol I did not notice that @ 7:30 it was like he was shot … was kind of funny though 🙂

  • What happened to the PDM at around the 7.30 mark? Reminds me of the days climbing in toe straps, if your gears jammed, you had no option but to topple over.

  • what a superhuman effort by Roche

  • Looks like P. Delgado did not like this footage 🙁

  • _The_ deciding stage or the 1987 Tour!

  • Thanks to Simon from Scotland for providing this great footage


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