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  • socalrider909 has the cbs coverage of this stage in which the coach of
    Lemond/Hinault tells Greg a few times to don’t push the pace when Greg was
    ready to attack!

  • The interview in the wenck coverage is helpful (see below), but there is
    really just no way a teammate can do anything but follow the wheels when a
    team leader is in yellow. If Lemond had ridden a better first half of the
    Tour it might not have been an issue. Hinault created that team, I don’t
    really think you can call it a gift. 

  • it would have been interesting if lemond would have went with parra. but
    they would have had to work together to caught or almost caught delgado for
    greg to have won the tour. it was possible. hinault got a gift in my

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  • You will find this from the 1985 Tour de France CBS version. Try “wenck” or
    “Goliath Angel” for those uploads.

  • Brilliant and thanks for uploading. I have lots of Giro and TDF footage on
    VHS. Must convert them to digital. One question for all. Herrera better
    than Pantani?

  • If you do want to give the videos up I would be happy to take them off your
    hands 🙂

  • Ah I had contacted you before mate. I would prefer to keep them and once
    converted I wouldn’t mind sending you some 🙂

  • Shall I begin the inevitable debate here? Should Lemond have had to wait
    here? Should he have attacked anyway? Personally I think it was the right
    call from Koechli.

  • I probably said the same comment too! Happy to trade when they are done 🙂

  • it’s amazing to think just how “wrong” the commentary of liggett was!
    (@19.30). i’m still searching for the post race interview with lemond, when
    he was remonstrating about having to wait for hinault – turning mid way
    through to deliver the line “do you want a smack in the mouth” to an
    encroaching journo….

  • excellent. found it! thank you!! wenck – M2i9PRwVums from @1h 40m…..

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