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  • peter sagan is green t shirt

  • awesome trailer! i wait everyday the start of the stage on the tv just to see this!

  • Sorprende que no agreguen ni muestren a Lance Armstrong en las imagenes :/

  • Allez Wiggo!

  • ehh ..Porto-Vecchio … Corcega..

  • 1998: MITICO PANTANI!! *_*

  • How can you not love this sport

  • And Pantani, and Endurain, and Ulrich, and Contador, and Wiggins.. and everyone else!!

    There is so much behind that story you dont even realize, so why crash Lance now? He was there, he won 7 TIMES IN A ROW, which noone else will ever do, and they are twice as doped as he was!!

    So, think outside the bix, you imbacile!!

  • How can you say Armstrong put the Tour de France on the map!? You must be an imbecile! That is a slap in the face to all of the great cyclists that have won the race in the past 100 years! I am an American, and i think Lance Armstrong is garbage! Move on man!

  • 100 years.. fuck that shit.. Lance Armstrong put that race on the map of the earth! And not one clip with him. Shame on you guys! He was on same shit as everybody else, just better Athlete!

  • Si bien lo nombran falta una imagen de Gino Bartali.

  • New star will be born in the Tour de France ?! No Country for Old Men

  • Looking forward to it.

  • lanceeeee

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  • 5 more days

  • 6/10 troll. i responded.

  • It’s gonna be a hell of a fight between contador and frome, or better, contador and sky, i think contador will take the yellow, with froome being the runner-up, personally i would like to see contador or joaquin rodriguez winning it, but it may be a bit harder for rodriguez, so a 3rd would be good for him

  • A Lance-free montage. Love it.

  • Si al doping scemo

  • Can’t wait for the tour to start.

  • No matter what happens to the sport, there is nothing more gorgeous and perfect than a hundred bikes flying past.

  • The Tour will most likely be a straight fight between Froome, and Sky as a whole versus Contador. I’m completely against dopers to be allowed back into cycling (Di Luca, derp), but it will definitely make thing really exciting.

  • haha good joke