Robin Williams visiting Tour de France 2003 talking about Lance Armstrong


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After Tour De France Nibali Comes Back


Coppa Bernocchi is the place where Vincenzo Nibali is preparing for the world championship. It is for the first time that Vincenzo Nibali is going to come to Coppa Bernocchi after his triumph in the Tour de France in July.

He is planning to focus on the World Championship. He wants to perform well for his team and take it forward. It was in the event of charity that he stated it. He has to goals to conquer the Tour and then the World. He surpassed other riders in Tour de France. He did take part in the criteriums as well but were not part of the races which were official. There are other riders also who can win the race. Going by the practicality it is believed that it is going to be impossible for Nibali to come with the same force since he is coming after a break and with much added responsibility.

His trainer of Astana however pointed out that he has not gained much weight it is mere kilo which he has gained. He should be well fit and suited to the event coming up at Ponferrada. When it comes to the race of one day Nibali always proves to be a tough challenge for his rival riders and this time too it is going to be the same according to his trainer. He is someone who causes tensions for others. Otherwise if he just has those one of the bad days he is still useful for the team. After the World Championship, Nibali has not yet disclosed his plans. He could go to the base if his sponsor in Kazakhastan for racing in the Tour Almaty. There is no doubt regarding his credibility but to keep up to the pressure is going to be the challenge.

Tour de France 2012 – The route


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Tom Danielson Claims Victory At The Tour of Utah


The American professional cyclist, Tom Danielson is part of the Team Garmin-Sharp and is considered to be one of the most talented cyclists of America. He has even been compared to Lance Armstrong for all the successes he has achieved in his cycling career till now.

The Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah is a very prestigious cycling event that takes place every year in the month of August and the most successful cyclists and teams participate in this seven-day event. This year the Tour of Utah took place from the 4th of August to 10th of August, 2014.

Tom Danielson was leading the tour in the overall standing because his performance in all the stages of the event was highly impressive. In the final stage of the tour Tom Danielson stood in the 5th position. However, his 5th position did nothing to hamper his 1st position in the overall standing.

Danielson must have experienced a déjà vu as he was again able to win the Tour of Utah like last year. It was due to his effort all throughout the week that he was able to claim victory of the title this year as well.

Tom said that he really wanted to cry after winning the tour because he felt elated as his hard work had paid off. He is going to remain the defending champion for the Tour of Utah next year in August as well.

Christopher Horner came second in the overall standing followed by Winner Anacona who came third.

Cadel Evans performance in the tour has also been quite good as he was able to win the last two stages (stage 6 and stage 7) of the event and prove his worth and talent.

We will just have to wait and watch whether the Danielson will be able to defend his title next year or not.

Kraftwerk – Tour de France HQ


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Tour France 2014 might topple WorldTour rankings


Tour France 2014 is quite expected to topple up the existing WorldTour rankings, redefining the names in both team and individual rankings.

The Tour France winner scores 200 points, with the points rewarded to top twenty cyclists overall on sliding scale. The stage triumphs are worth twenty points which makes each of days of the championship highly significant & prestigious for WorldTour UCI rankings. Often it is seen that the Tour France winner ends up winning the WorldTour UCI rankings.

Alberto Contador from Tinkoff-Saxo is currently leading individual ranks with a whooping 397 points given his excellent performances in spring stage-races. Nairo Quintana , the Giro winner from Movistar I in the 2nd place with a great 345 points while Rui Costa, the World road race champion from Lampre Merida is in the 3rd position with 268 points post his amazing overall triumph at Tour Suisse. Another Movistar rider Aljandro Valverde is in the 6th place with around 262 points. Interestingly, 2013 Tour France champion Chris Froome is on the 15th place with say 163 points.

In regards to team rankings, Omega Pharma is currently on the lead with a superb 796 points & thanks to Cavendis’s success at sprint stage might be a strong help for the team in defending its lead in World rankings. Movistar is in the 2nd place with a close 781 points while the 3rd one is Tinkoff-Saxo with a great 647 points. It’s Spain which seems to dominate rankings, followed by Colombia, Netherlands & Australia.

This year will mark the 101st season of Tour France. The race will commence on July 5 with stage 1 starting at Yorkshire of northern England from where it would take clockwise direction across France finalizing there by the 27th of July.

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Lifting Cycling restriction plans in Bournemouth might be stupidity, or not


Residents of Bournemouth have offered mixed reactions at a plan aimed at lifting bicycling restrictions there. Few are of the idea that the trial plan to ride the bicycles through the Bournemouth Square, which is quite pedestrained along with Pier Approach will work much better if the paths have cycle lanes painted on them. While the others have put across a vibe that is might be a stupid idea to do so, since this will cut down on the safety quotient of the pedestrians.

Recent government figures depict that outside London, Bournemouth is one location which has the 3rd highest casualty rates of cyclists. Richard Pinnegar, who is the transport project manager for Bournemouth Borough Council’s commented that they want to make Bournemouth a bike friendly town and have undertaken such schemes which have been trialled in other locations with success. Jason Falconer, the cycling coach for Bournemouth commented that he thinks that the trail plan is a good one and strongly believes in shared spaces.  Robert Aldous, a Bournemouth resident commented that he thinks it is a great plan only if lines can be painted on the pedestrian paths.

Along with these positive comments came an equal share of negative comments as well. Resident Libby Griggs complained that her dog was once hit while her toddler narrowly missed an accident because of the negligence of a cyclist who had complete disregard for pedestrians. Malcolm Bott also protested saying there lays no safety add-ons for cyclists riding in the area along with lowered safely for the pedestrians. Another pedestrian, a certain Anthony Dyche blatantly called the idea stupid, to let bicyclists ride in such busy streets like the pier, especially during the summers.

In the year 2012 the town had almost 803 cycling mishaps per million.